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Temperature & Screening Kiosk

With strict guidelines and regulations around how businesses can operate due to Covid-19, TASK is designed for facial recognition and temperature detection. TASK ensures hygienic touchfree assessment, access and health management. Quick and easy installation makes it suitable for any environment. Management software is included for configuration and administration of devices. The kiosk recognizes faces even if the user is wearing a mask (PPE). This biometric solution is designed to promote the health and safety of employees and visitors.

How Does it Work?
– On-board AI can match your face to a directory to grant access
– Facial Recognition AND Mask Detection SIMULTANEOUSLY!
– Provides visual and audio queues for granting/denying access
– Detection thresholds are customizable
– Have alerts sent if visitors are not abiding by PPE regulations


Automate pre-screening with Canon’s Secure Entry Tracking (SET) to promote healthy work environments for both your visitors and staff. SET allows users to submit an online form, have the data tabulated in THEREFORE, calculate a Yes/No response as appropriate and communicate the information automatically to the designated personnel.

*This is not a diagnostic device and should not be used in the diagnosis of any disease or other conditions.