Join the RGO Team

Join the RGO Team

At RGO, we believe our people are the key to our success. If you are a high energy, team-oriented, flexible, adaptable, organized, and fun individual that takes pride in your work and will always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, we want you!

Why RGO?

Our People: Our people are our most valuable asset. At RGO we drive a high-performance culture through open communication and the sharing of ideas, continuous learning and development opportunities, awards and recognition programs, and dynamic, collaborative work processes.

Our Values: At our core we strive to incorporate our values into everything that we do. We stand by our core values and they drive our big business decisions and corporate culture. Staying true to our values has enabled RGO to be Great Place to Work Certified, named Best Workplaces for Mental Wellness, named Best Workplaces in Alberta, named Best Workplaces for Giving Back, named Best Workplaces Managed by Women and win Canada’s Best Managed Companies award since 2006.

Our Employee Experience: Providing an amazing customer experience is at the heart of what we do. We believe in order to execute on an amazing customer experience the formula for success is to first deliver a great employee experience.

Our Safety Culture: Safely go, the RGO way, it’s not just our safety slogan, its ingrained in our culture. As a COR certified company, we strive to maintain an industry leading safety program that protects our employees, other parties where our operations are carried out and the general public from harm, and promotes the physical, psychological and social well-being of our staff.

Current Opportunities

Calgary | Technologies, Account Manager

Calgary | Window Coverings, Residential Sales & Project Manager

Edmonton | Furniture, Driver / Installer

Edmonton | Workplace Consultant

Edmonton | Technologies, Account Manager

Edmonton | Window Coverings, Project Coordinator

Employee Testimonials

Richard | Operations

“It’s always great to work with a professional and committed company like RGO. My association with RGO started back in the year 2000 and ever since I haven’t looked back. It’s been an exciting, rewarding and a journey full of growth-professionally and personally. The work culture is very healthy making it a right place to learn and to execute my thoughts and ideas. The management is approachable and very supportive of their employees. I highly recommend RGO to everyone. If you want to work in a good environment, you can join any company, but if you want to work in a great environment – this is the place.”

Employee Testimonials

Barbara | Finance

“What attracted me to RGO was its local ownership and excellent reputation in the Calgary community. What keeps me here is the culture, challenging work, strong leadership, and diversity. I belong to an amazing team of people who support each other. Everybody has an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions. It’s easy to come to work each day when the environment is respectful, positive, and dynamic. Each day is different which keeps me engaged. As I celebrate my 9th year with RGO, I feel valued and recognized within my role. I can be myself and I am encouraged to use my creativity and independence to explore. My contributions matter.”

Employee Testimonials

Tamara | Creative & Project Services

“Since graduating from Interior Design in 2006, I’ve been able to work within the commercial furniture industry in various roles and positions, in the back of my mind knowing that the gold standard would be to work at RGO. Since starting here in 2019, I’ve been able to find myself in my role and continue to grow and challenge myself in new and exciting ways. Through our knowledge, service, and products we are able to help Edmontonians build spaces that are dynamic and engaging and that makes me excited to start my day, every day.”

Employee Testimonials

Luke | Technical Support

“I started with RGO after I graduated with an Engineering Diploma in Canada about 7 years ago. RGO allowed me to start my professional career and has recognized my ability and hard work to achieve my current position as Technical Lead, Project Manager. There were always challenges over and over in each project to accomplish superior results, however, I was able to overcome those challenges with the full support from RGO & my teammate. One of the strong values of RGO is cultural diversity, which encourages people to develop their talents and skillset. We collaborate with our teammates from different backgrounds to improve our creativity and boost problem-solving capability to prove one of our corporate goals – We work together as ONE RGO.”

Employee Testimonials

Bella | Furniture

“At RGO, the strong sense of camaraderie creates a supportive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued. The inclusivity and dynamic nature of the team make each day uniquely rewarding, fostering a sense of belonging and excitement of what lies ahead.

It’s not just a job that I moved from Toronto for, it’s a community that propels you forward with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to success. I love working here!”

Employee Testimonials

Cindy | Design

“My career at RGO has been very rewarding over the past 42 years. My primary focus has always been in the design development on projects, and over time I have also taken on a lead role in managing some of the larger projects. Working together with a lot of great people as a “team” is an attribute that RGO fosters by the environment and the relationships that are built with our clients.  I have appreciated the opportunity to have worked on some significant projects and have developed some great friendships outside of the work – one of the many rewards! Each day brings new experiences and I still continue to learn new things.”

Employee Testimonials

John | Operations

“My career with RGO is a long and progressive one. 43 years back, I started here as a Part-time Installer and consistently moved up the ranks to become a Manager. It’s never been a routine job, I have always been challenged and motivated to learn and grow. We have a conducive work environment and lots of good people to work with. RGO is very dynamic, customer driven, and challenging; one should always be ready to take new projects and an open mind to grow and develop. Word of advice – always assert yourself, speak your mind, try new things, be creative, and have an attitude of – there is always a better way.”

Employee Testimonials

David | Safety

“I have been working at RGO for nearly six years now. I had limited experience in the role I was hired for, but the team took a chance on me. RGO has supported me in my role by surrounding me with a great team and encouraging my professional development through various third-party learning opportunities. In previous roles, I felt like a number among thousands across Canada and sometimes the world. At RGO, I feel like part of a family.”

Employee Testimonials

Suminder | Design

“Upon graduating with an Interior Design Technology diploma in 2022, I started my career with RGO in a Sales Support role. Although I’ve recently transitioned to a Design role, I had a wonderful experience learning so much about this industry and RGO in my past role. I have always been passionate about Art and Design, and I am grateful to be able to showcase my creativity through RGO. One of the things I appreciate the most is the level of support and encouragement I receive from my coworkers and managers. I feel welcomed and valued every day at RGO and I look forward to continuing to grow and contribute to the company’s success in the future.”

Employee Testimonials

Sharon | Flooring

“I began my journey at RGO 2 ½ years ago. What attracted me to join the team was their reputation in the community and core values. The values that resonate with me the most is passion and trust, I believe passion is required to be successful. The team collaboration & mentorship provided at RGO has helped me grow professionally and achieve success in my role. Every day at work is exciting and challenging. I am happy to go above and beyond knowing I am a valued member of an amazing team.”

Employee Testimonials

Wilson | Technologies

“Joining RGO has been a transformative journey for me, professionally and personally. From day one, I was immersed in an environment brimming with a vibrant and inclusive culture, something that’s genuinely at the heart of RGO. The work here is not just a job; it’s a challenging adventure filled with unique and innovative projects that constantly push the boundaries of what I thought possible. What sets RGO apart is the incredible freedom and trust they place in their employees. I’ve had the opportunity to refine and expand my skillset and delve into the business side of things. This holistic approach to employee development is rare and has allowed me to grow in ways I never anticipated. RGO is a well-rounded company, offering many opportunities for those eager to learn and grow. But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of RGO is its team. Working alongside such talented and dedicated individuals has been nothing short of amazing. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie here is unparalleled, making every challenge a shared journey and every success a collective triumph.

In summary, my time at RGO has been invaluable in my career. I’m not just a better professional because of RGO, but a better person. And for that, I will always be grateful.”

Employee Testimonials

Noel | Service

“Prior to RGO I had been a Journeyman Cabinetmaker and worked in construction as a Carpenter. I’ve been with RGO for over 7 years and started with them as an Installer. My journey has included working in the field for RGO, becoming a Lead and then finally making a move into the office as the Service Coordinator. I have enjoyed the people I have worked with on this journey and appreciate the opportunities to grow and pursue a path leading out of the field. I appreciate the constantly changing challenges and the break from the monotony that RGO gives me. I find that the Core Values of RGO express who I want to be in my professional life and give me goals to strive for. I am appreciated and I am allowed to expand myself beyond a defined role.”