who is the best contact for service or sales support?

Email us (technology@rgo.ca) with any questions or inquiries, or call 403-569-4444. One of our product specialists would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.

What can I do to make calling in for service or supplies easier?

When calling or emailing in service/supply requests, please note we require the following information:
— Equipment #
— Error code (if applicable)
— Your name and phone number

Always let us know if your machine is up and running. If it is not, it will be put on priority status!

Where do I find the EQ#?

Usually it is on the front of the machine or on the top of the machine.

What is FMAudit and how does it work? Why do I need this?

FMAudit is the tool that we use to get meter reading and toner/ink levels. Using this tool means we don’t have to bother you every time we need a meter reading and we can automatically ship your toner within an estimated empty date of 20 days, so you don’t have to call and order!

What is a toner pirate or toner scam?

Scammers stalk businesses of all sizes with the hopes of deceiving you and getting your money. They exist across all facets of business, and they haven’t forgotten toner and printing supplies. Printing supplies are commonly unmanaged expenses and require routine replenishment, making them an ideal target for scammers. Prepare yourself and your employees by becoming aware of how these scams are typically executed and then put systems into practice that make it difficult, if not impossible, for scammers to be successful.

Always verify your RGO Technologies rep if you aren’t familiar with who’s calling.

Our office is going to be moving – can we move the printer ourselves?

It’s always best to leave heavy duty equipment moves tot he professionals. See RGO Equipment Moves for more details.