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36-inch Monochrome Printer with Optional Scanner

PlotWave 3000 / PlotWave 3500

The PlotWave 3000 and PlotWave 3500 black and white wide-format printers and multifunctionals produce great looking all-weatherproof technical documents, securely, cost-effectively and simply, allowing users to stay focused on their work.

The PlotWave series is very easy to use thanks to its embedded intelligence and exceptional simplicity. Access and print your latest revisions from your home folder, cloud or local network, or use the intuitive copying and scanning features available on the user interface.

In the modern office environment security is paramount. SMARTshield protects your data in all phases of the print process, now and in the future. When data is in transit, it is protected by secure, encrypted protocols. When at rest, your data is securely encrypted.